Saturday, January 06, 2007

Top 10 2006 Christmas gifts, in no particular order

Christmas cards with baby pictures
Emma sleepover and the Nutcracker at New York City Ballet: 25 years for Heather, 17 years for Zack, 2 years for Emma, 1 year for Janet
Cooking 5 gourmet meals in 2 days for Janet, Zack, Tod, Holly, and Morgan, who diapered and made a race track from her banana and peel.
Having a houseful for Christmas weekend
Printer from Lucinda and Davinder ( I guess they got tired of me printing my HLD at their house)
A fixed shutter door in the laundry, thanks to Tod
A new kitchen faucet, which has been taped since Mark's emergency fix 2 years ago, thanks to Tod.
Zack's Christmas present
Janet's hand-knitted jacket
This book

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