Tuesday, February 07, 2006

'Am on a project with accelerated delivery schedule, which means you work day and night in lockdown sessions until a. you figure it all out or b. you die and are replaced by the next drone. Sometimes we're off site in lockdown, and sometimes on site in the local office. Even on site days consist of non-stop conference calls day and night.
Since in either location there is no free time, one multitasks during conference calls.

Top ten things I have done while on conference calls:

10 Pack for next offsite
9 Lift weights while on speaker phone (on mute)
8 Sit in Dentist's chair (Drilling interfered with audio intermittently)
7 Change Erin's diaper
6 Rock Erin while coloring with Emma
5 Cook breakfast at 2PM (Good wireless signal in the kitchen, thankfully)
4 Drive the car
3 Run on treadmill
2 Take bubble bath (Have a heart: My hot water heater had been down for 3 days.)
1 Work with personal fitter in lingerie department of major department store. (Ok, it was 7PM and a great sale.)

Don't know how I'll manage when calls move from audio to video.

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