Sunday, December 11, 2005

Santa and Shopping
Heather, Emma, Erin, Mark, and Jen went to the Westchester mall on December 10 to see Santa and to shop for shoes, both of which are traditions for Emma and Auntie Heather. Unlike last year, when Emma refused to sit on that big strange man's lap, this year Emma got the part about asking Santa for Christmas gifts. Her requests: A bicycle for her, and toys for all the rest of the children in the world. Parental units at work with the latter request. After the girls left Santa and we all began to walk to our next stop (Ladies shoes, Neiman Marcus) Emma stopped, looked at the adults, and said "But where's my bicycle?" :-) The rents had forgotten to explain that part. Very cute.

That's my woman!

Two peas in a pod. Emma is way more interested in Ladies shoes than in the kids department, where, of course, we also shopped. And she can actually walk in those things, unlike some of my best friends.


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