Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the day Erin Marie Cecilia Famous was born, Emma Virginia Amy Famous and I were in the middle of a 3 day sleepover. First night: Movies, unlimited orange juice, late night pasta, and bed-sharing. (No kicking or flailing.) Next day: Pancakes and raspberries for Emma, followed by workout with Auntie Heather. Fit TV aerobics plus free weights and crunches for Heather, rebounding trampoline plus weights plus decorating the Pilates machine with exercise bands for Emma. For some reason, decorating 2 legs of the Pilates bench with the red and green bands made it a "girl's" machine. Quick change, shower for Heather while PBS for Emma, followed by trip to Empire Hunan in Yorktown Heights. Leaving party for office mate was attended by 25 or so co-workers. Terrified by so many strangers, Emma attempts to crawl into Heather's skin. 1/2 hour on lap, lots of friendly coos and offers of toys and food later, Emma finally relaxes and impresses all with chopstick skills. Emma wants to visit Auntie Heather's office, which she later compares with Daddy's, so visit there is relaxed and happy: All of those scary new lunch people are friends now. Also receives candy at most cubicles. Begins the phrase of the visit, which is reference to Emma and Heather: "We're 2 peas in a pod. That's us!" Phrase repeated to co-workers and total strangers, who melt instantly. Next, drive to Hospital to meet new baby sister Erin. Mom pukes and Dad holds two girls. Heather holds Erin and doesn't want to let go. Heather contemplates kidnapping both girls. During car ride home Emma and Heather practise Heather's Spanish learning CD's. This proves useful during following day's AM exercise: Heather and Emma multitask and count first set of whatever in English, second set in Spanish. Spanish is added to phrase of visit: "We're 2 peas in a pod. Somos." Bath with rubber duckie begins the day. More pancakes and eggs and yogurt and oj are prepared. Many drawings are made with markers, stickers, etc formerly in posession of cousin Zack. Most marks arrive on paper, while a few arrive on table. Mom and Dad telephone and demand to see Emma. Grandma Jean has arrived. Emma and Heather have to experiment with many lipsticks before hospital visit. Emma sleeps in car and Heather wishes she could. Next Erin/Mom/Dad visit is followed by rushed dinner before performance of Pilobolus at SUNY Arts center. Emma wants to talk and to imitate dance movements during performance. Heather explains why this is not done when lights are out. Emma is unable to sit in theatre chair because it collapses with insufficient weight. Heather has brilliant idea that coveted binky will replace chatter during performance, and places binkied Emma on lap. At intermission Emma receives kudos from neighbors in seats. Emma replies "We're 2 peas in a pod. That's us!" By end of performance half of audience knows Emma and asks for her opinion of dance. Emma reports that the final dance was very funny, and new friends say goodnight. Girl sleeps in car. Auntie practises Spanish with CD's and puts sleeping girl to bed. Reluctantly Heather returns Emma to Stamford for birthday party and sleepover with Grandma Jean.

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